Waterfalls, Waves, and Water (Part One)

I'm in love with water, though I can't pinpoint why. Maybe it's the variety of different colors (the depths of shades, the glassiness of the greens and blues, the murkiness of the purples deep down below), the clean smell of sea salt or fresh water  on the air, or the soothing roll of waves, big and small, as they lap at my feet. Whatever it is, I resonate with water and waves. So to highlight this passion, I wanted to start a series of photography posts on the various different places we've been and how the water looks and changes in those places.

Each location has such a unique feel and personality... No one picture is the same!

United States: California


View from Father Serra Cross in Ventura, California. May 2015


Montana de Oro State Park in California. May 2015


Somewhere off the Pacific Coast Highway. May 2015


A waterfall found off a trail in the Los Padres National Forest. May 2015

United States: Minnesota


Waterfalls at Gooseberry State Park, Minnesota. September 2013.


Stream in Gooseberry State Park, Minnesota. September 2013.


A view of the North Shore. September 2013.

Minnehaha Falls & Me

Frozen Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota. February 2015.

Caribbean: Dominican Republic


Puerto Plata looking out at the North Atlantic Ocean. February 2016.


The different shades of the North Atlantic Ocean. February 2016.


Looking out toward the horizon, Dominican Republic. February 2016.

Europe: France


Bay of Biscay in Bordeaux overlooking the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. June 2014.

Europe: Norway


Looking out over a bay in the Oslofjord inlet. May 2014.

2014-05-26 10.00.46

A pond in Frogner Park, Oslo. May 2014.