Two Nerds Travel ... Full-Time?


Back in January, I wrote a blog post about dealing with life when the travel bug strikes. In a life of dips and waves, I was in a dip about travel—and a deep one at that. Living normally when you have a nomadic spirit is difficult, and I struggled with those feelings until we left for the Dominican Republic a month later (honeymoon time! Hollah!).

In the last eight months, the Nerds' lives have been a roller coaster of craziness. Between graduating college, traveling on the weekends, buying a house, yard work, planning our trips, editing a novel, and starting art school, we've not had a lot of time to think about our travel plans or the future of this blog beyond 2016.

Instead, we were planning to take one last trip over Christmas, then settle down into our home, save our money, become financially stable, and start a family. This sounded like a solid plan (after all, it's what married people do), but neither of us could shake the feeling that we were making a mistake.

The dread came on slowly—somewhat subconsciously, I suppose, as we continued to tell ourselves that we needed to slow down and create roots; create a family. The 9 to 5 job no longer seemed satisfying. We'd come home, grumpy and exhausted, and try to work on our creative outlets (writing and art) when no creativity would come. On the weekends, we'd clean around the house, play with our cats, and watch travel shows ... and feel like we should be somewhere else, pursuing our passions.

Then, one night, it hit us at the same time. We were on the couch, drinking cold sake and watching our favorite travel shows (particularly one on Morocco), when Mr. Nerd turned to me and said, "We're not meant to be here. We should be out there, as artists, exploring the world."

Those two sentences opened a door to our souls, I think, and the life we'd so carefully planned unraveled like the facade it was. We didn't want to work 9-5 jobs forever. We didn't want to have kids yet. We didn't want to stay in Minnesota, putz around the house, and wait for our vacation days to come (especially Mr. Nerd, who works as a contractor and doesn't get any paid time off). We realized that we're young, and we're in an incredible position to pursue our dreams.

And as it so happens, we're both nomads. Wanderers. We're not ready to be tied down in one place—we just lied to ourselves about our feelings and told ourselves that normal people do that, and we should be normal too.

That night, we looked at each other and quietly whispered:

"Let's do this."

2014-05-26 12.47.16

The road we're embarking on won't be an easy one, but we're determined to make it work (and as most people know, once I put my mind to something, it happens one way or another. I'm stubborn that way). There are a lot of things we need to do before we can pick up and leave the States, but our goal is to take several, carefully planned steps to make our nomadic dreams a reality in early- to mid-2018.

As we start to research what we need to do, I plan to write blog posts on what we learn during this crazy process, just in case there are others out there, like us, who also want to jump off the deep end (heh heh) and travel full-time.

World? I hope you're ready; we're coming for you. =)

5/24/2017 Edit: As of today, seven months after writing this blog, our plans have changed. Instead of traveling full-time, Mr. Nerd and I have decided to stay put in Minnesota for a while longer. I've recently got a promotion to Marketing, and Ben is going to attend art school full-time in the evenings until he graduates! This means we won't be traveling full-time for at least 3-4 years, but Mr. Nerd and I are pursing our dreams, and in the next five years, we will hopefully be in a better position to be nomads! It's all a step toward that beautiful dream. :) And we'll still be writing and traveling in the meantime, not to worry.