Two Nerds: Who They Are and Why They Travel

With any new venture, whether it is starting a business, writing a book, or giving a speech, it's often smart to introduce yourselves to the people who want to interact with. And since we're creating a travel blog—complete with tips, stories, photos, and more!—we wanted to do it right by introducing ourselves.

We're Mr. (Ben) and Mrs. (Anna) Nerd, two self-proclaimed dorks who currently reside in the state of Minnesota. We live in a lovely house right outside the Twin Cities and go on adventures whenever we can afford to do so.

Meet Mrs. Nerd

Mrs. Nerd is the writer, so she'll be penning the posts and running the website. She enjoys dreaming up new stories, going on long hikes, and drinking copious amounts of tea. Her favorite trip to date was visiting Cuba in 2017 ... and the place she'd love to go next is New Zealand.

Currently, Mrs. Nerd works as a content creator in marketing and is a recent college graduate with a bachelor degree in Technical Communication and Professional Writing.

Why does she travel? Simple. As a storyteller, she loves discovering new sights, sounds, places, people, and personalities. She'll listen to any story, try (almost) any food, and go on any adventure with her camera in tow.

Meet Mr. Nerd

Mr. Nerd is the artist — the thinker, rather than the dreamer. He's analytical, so he'll be doing most of the proof-reading for this website. He enjoys painting people, eating amazing food, and playing video games. His favorite trip to date was Jamaica in 2016 ... and the place he'd love to go next is Morocco.

Currently, Mr. Nerd works as a network engineer and has two degrees: one in accounting and one in computer science. He believes he's never done learning, though, and takes every opportunity that falls in his lap.

Why does he travel? The world is huge. Mr. Nerd believes that making travel a priority helps expand his worldview and understanding. Even if he never sees it all, each trip, each step into a new culture, is a new piece of an invisible puzzle clicking into place.

Together, we are a fun-loving couple who seeks out stories all across the globe, in hopes to share their encounters with others. Join us on our adventures, and who knows! You might discover some stories of your own to tell.

Just Joining Us?

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