Traveling with Mr. Nerd is Awesome!

I may be sincerely (and happily) biased with this post, but I have to say it:

I love, love, love traveling with Mr. Nerd. In fact, for me, couple travel > solo travel.

Solo travel can provide a traveler with a lot of great benefits (silence with your thoughts, learning how to be independent, learning how to open up to other people, discovering your own resourcefulness, etc), and I highly recommend everyone go on a solo trip sometime. There are just things you see when you travel alone that you might not see or experience in the company of another person.

(In fact, while neither Mr. Nerd nor myself have ever traveled solo, it's something we plan to do in the future here and there—if not just for a weekend. After all, I couldn't leave this handsome face for long!)


Despite the benefits of solo travel, I think couple travel is just as joyful ... and has just as many benefits.

Yes, we've had our share of frustrations and fights on the road. Sometimes we were tired and grumpy, and being unable to find private space for a while tried our patience with each other. We've also bickered, stewed, and paced off in the airport after a day of delays and misunderstandings.

Frankly? Travel is exhausting, and it can challenge even the most traveled of nomads.

We certainly wouldn't experience these particular discomforts if we traveled solo, but traveling together has brought us even closer than if we'd just stay at home ... and it's made our relationship much stronger—stronger in love, communication, shared goals, and selflessness.

In honor of Mr. Nerd's 32 birthday today (as we drive seven blissful hours up to good ol' Canada!), please enjoy this post full of my favorite travel memories of Mr. Nerd and the time we've spent roaming this wide world together.

Duluth 2013

In September 2013, Mr. Nerd and I took our first weekend trip together to Duluth, Minnesota. We spent Saturday and Sunday staying in a lovely (see: dingy and run down) hotel and used our time to drive up the scenic drive, hike around Gooseberry Falls, and find the best coffee in downtown Duluth.

It was really the first time we'd actually traveled together, and we had a blast!


Europe 2014

In May of 2014 (two years ago this week!), Ben, his aunt, and I went to France and Norway for two weeks. Ben had never been out of the United States, so the trip was incredibly exciting—not to mention it just so happened to fall over his birthday!

Ben did incredibly well for his first time abroad, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him at a deeper level as we explored three cities (Oslo, Paris, and Bordeaux) that neither of us had visited before. It was a fantastic trip!

I will mention that Mr. Nerd decided to shave off his beard on his 30th birthday. A new decade, a new face! I think he still regrets it to this day, but I rather liked it.

2014-05-30 15.24.53
2014-05-27 12.37.24.jpg

California 2015

For Mr. Nerd's 31st birthday (isn't he a lucky boy? Mrs. Nerd treats him well, dragging him on all of her adventures), we took a two week road trip from Los Angeles, California to San Francisco, California, and then back again. As you probably know, it was the road trip of a lifetime for many wonderful reasons.

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We did a lot of hiking, ate a lot of delicious seafood, went on a whale watching tour, and enjoyed the beautiful Californian coast as we drove past with the windows down.


Dominican Republic 2016

For our honeymoon, we went to the Dominican Republic and spent five days looking at the gorgeous countryside and laying on the beach. Mr. Nerd had a fantastic time, as it'd been a long-standing dream of his to bask in the sun drinking Pina Coladas.

Not that I blame him!


When it comes down to it, I love traveling with Mr. Nerd and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. He's fun and goofy, he gives me completely new perspectives on things as we travel... He's not afraid to eat things I make faces at, and he loves to jump in when I ask if he wants to take surfing lessons with me in California (as I'd be miserable at it alone)!

We're highly compatible travelers. I'm grateful for the opportunities we had to travel before we were married, just to see if we could handle it when we were hot, tired, and ticked off, and I'm even more grateful now that we're married travelers ... not just for a trip, but for life!

I'm looking forward to all the trips—planned or otherwise—that we'll share together in the future. Until then, well, a weekend in Canada for his birthday will do just fine!