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How to Travel as a Vegetarian Foodie

I (Mrs. Nerd) have recently transitioned over to vegetarianism. One of the burning questions on my mind? How the heck am I supposed to travel as a vegetarian foodie? The struggle is real, but as I've tackled this question on two trips so far and lived to tell the tale, here are a few veggie-happy tips I have for newly minted vegetarians wondering the same thing.

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Tealicious Tea Shops and Tea Regions Around The World

Tea. It's the "hot refresher," the afternoon cuppa, the delicious beverage that can be drank hot, cold, or somewhere in between, and you can find it in surprising places all over the world. In this collab post, several travel bloggers discuss their favorite places to find tea and what you should expect during your visit to each tea region and suggested tea shop. Ready for some tea-spiration? Read on!

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Bar Hopping Our Way Through Downtown Duluth

Duluth is a lovely little city in Northern Minnesota that sits right on the shores of Lake Superior. Its downtown strip offers an incredible array of quirky shops, restaurants, and cafes ... but the greatest of these are its eclectic bars and taverns. After bar hopping for a night, we compiled a list of places you absolutely NEED to go if you love booze and good eats. 

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