Ask Mr. Nerd: NorCal or Bust

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Ask Mr. Nerd: Central and Northern California

Travel dates: May 14-28, 2015

Locations: Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and San Francisco

1. What were your overall thoughts about Northern California?

Beautiful. Peaceful. Mellow. Sunny. We did have some cold days, but the people seemed relatively relaxed and happy despite that.


2. Did you have a favorite town or city that we visited?

I liked Monterey; it's what I think of when I imagine California. Santa Barbara is also worth a visit. There's a lot of color in the buildings and surrounding hills, and the food is amazing.

3. What is your favorite memory from our trip?

Proposing, of course. ;) Besides that, I really enjoyed taking a beginner's surfing lesson. We were battered by the waves on a cloudy day, but standing up for 2 seconds and riding my first wave? Totally worth it. I'm hooked. Though, I'd prefer to surf in Southern California because wet suits are a pain.

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4. Is there a place or activity in California that is a must-do or must-see?

Everyone should drive the Pacific Highway 1. There are many things to see, so stop whenever you feel the urge. Check out the numerous hiking paths up in the mountains. Walk along the beach and maybe take a swim (as long as it's safe). Also, make sure to drive through Malibu (if you're starting up from LA). It's a dream.

5. What was your favorite winery, and why?

I loved Black Stallion Winery. They gave us great explanations about the wines they offered and were enthusiastic to show us whats good. Their port is incredible. Also, their wine membership is of the gods.

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6. Wine or seafood?

Yes. Is this a real question?

7. Do you have any tips on taking a California road trip?

Tons. Relax and enjoy the ride. Stop often and stretch your legs. Walk to the beach and play in the water. Watch surfers nail some gnarly waves. Listen to Florence and the Machine or some Blackmill playlists.

Note from Mrs. Nerd: I also recommend listening to Hotel California just for kicks.

8. What was your least favorite part about visiting California?

Tolls and traffic in San Francisco. We went three blocks in two hours and got hit with a "blocking the box" ticket after a San Francisco Giants game let out. Never, ever again.

Note from Mrs. Nerd: I don't blame him for this answer... It was a pretty terrible experience, and the ticket we received made it even worse. Tip for anyone who plans to drive through San Francisco on their way to Napa or Sonoma Valley? Check to make sure the Giants aren't playing a home game and read up on all the driving tickets you can get, depending on what driving mistakes you make. Blocking the box doesn't exist where we're from, so we had no clue (and also, we were following traffic and it straight up stopped, in the middle of a green light, for five minutes. Yeah).

9. Do you have a favorite picture from our trip?

Yes, this picture. It's where I decided to propose.


10. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

If you visit California, just chill and have fun. Drink lots of wine. Take pictures. Suntan on the beach.