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Anna Schlaht - Travel Blogger

Anna Schlaht is the writer and photographer behind Two Nerds Travel. She's traveled extensively since 2008, when she took her first trip abroad to London. Anna fully believes that anyone can travel, and that those travel experiences can start at home!

Anna is a college graduate with a B.A. in Technical Communication and Professional Writing. When she isn't obsessing over tea or writing fantasy, she's looking for ideas in new faces, scents, sights, and smells! Her favorite places to go are ones near the ocean, where the waves speak to her soul and weave salt through her hair.

Why Two Nerds Travel?

When Anna was a young girl, she dreamed of running "off into the blue on mad adventures" like Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit. So, she started looking at the world, listening to others, observing what they thought and did ... and used all of that information to write stories.

Travel is a form of storytelling all its own. It made sense, then, that when she started to travel, those stories (and the urge to write them) followed her across the globe.

Favorite destination:

This is a hard one. Probably Iceland for its beautiful landscapes and delicious fresh-baked bread! Oh, and rye ice cream. You have to try the rye ice cream.

Favorite book:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, hands down.

Favorite nerd hobbies:

Watching Game of Thrones or playing video games (The Elder Scrolls and Divinity: Original Sin forever)!

Thoughts on travel:

"I love to travel. It's something everyone should do, and not just once but as often as they can.

Travel changes your outlook on life and the way you empathize with the world. It opens your eyes to things beyond your comprehension, and I believe that's invaluable."


Benjamin Schlaht - Travel Companion

Ben Schlaht is Anna's husband and beloved travel companion. He's been traveling with Anna since 2014, when he took his first trip abroad to Norway and France.

Since then, he's been happy to follow Anna on all her adventures and (bonus fact) has spent his last four birthdays on the road.

Ben's favorite places to travel are ones where the smells are great and the food gives him goosebumps, like Bordeaux. If you want to get on his good side, try giving him a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

When Ben isn't helping Anna plan their next trip or answering interview questions for Two Nerds Travel's "Ask Mr. Nerd" series, you can find him painting still life in his art studio or playing one of his guitars. He believes you can never have too many guitars!

Favorite destination:

Jamaica, mon. Everyone there is so happy and excited about life.

Favorite painting:

The Carpet Merchant by Jean-Leon Gerome, cira 1887.

Favorite nerd hobbies:

Attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to make the best batch of coffee ever or tracking down the highest quality Big Red Robe oolong.

Thoughts on travel:

"Travel is fun. It really expands your horizons and gives you a unique insight into new cultures."